The Day I Asked Myself on a Date

Some people decide to treat themselves to a new pair of designer shoes, that highly anticipated new album on I-tunes, or splurge on the newest technologically advanced gadget.

I ask myself out on date.

Some may say I’ve entered a whole new level of loneliness, I say I’ve found an invigorating mode of self-discovery.  Why does society cringe upon introverted experiences?  I certainly ask myself this question on a daily basis.  I am my best friend.  I enjoy delving inward and questioning myself.

Instead of bombarding my friends and family with random “Alissa thoughts” via Facebook and Twitter throughout the day, I’ve decided to condense them all into blog form.  I’m going to use this blog as a way to document the daily happenings of my so-called “awkward transitional phase” from crazy college student to entry into the Professional world.  I’m going to be honest, blunt, and record the most random thoughts that set off the synapses of my brain because these irrelevant little stories will someday be my little treasures of life.  Writing provides a way to express yourself, something that is uniquely you outside of you; a piece of you that can be held, seen, and spoken apart from your own being.  This is me leaving a piece of myself for people to relate to, criticize, empathize, and share.


After purchasing my ticket to Perks of Being a Wallflower, I broke down and treated myself to some overly priced popcorn and walked into an empty theater.  I ended up sharing the movie theater with only three other viewers.  I honestly felt a sense of ease knowing I still shared this experience with someone, despite the fact that they were strangers and sat three rows below me.  Interesting how I’m so introverted, yet still need to find comfort by simply being around people, even strangers.

This was one of the many scenes that tugged at my heart strings.  I will own this movie and watch it regularly, as in once every five years, just to reiterate why one should never settle for less than they deserve in love, a career, or life in general.

And so it begins, the documentation of the love I have for someone very special in my life: my love affair with me.

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