Xanga, Boob Jobs, Poetry Readings: My Daily Happenings & Thoughts

Random Thoughts of the day:

1.)  Xanga, I’m ready to take you back.  Our 10 year break has been long enough and Facebook is full of creepy “scrollers” (myself included at times).  I need some substance in my social media relationship.  Sorry Facebook, I’m bored and I just can’t do it anymore.  I promise, it’s not you……it’s me.

2.)  When a large envelope arrives in the mail, do not assume it’s a grad school acceptance letter.  (It might be information on your sister’s upcoming boob job)

3.)  Harry Potter marathons always make everything better.  I’m still an aspiring Slytherin version of Luna Lovegood, even if I am at an irrelevant age to stumble upon the real platform 9 3/4 and choose a window seat on the Hogwarts Express.

4.)  It’s my final weekend before full fledged adulthood hits (aka I start training for a desk job) and I would rather stay home than trek up to CMU?

5.)  If cinemas had day passes, I would use them more often.  Paying almost $10 to see ONE movie isn’t worth it anymore.  BUT if there was a daily rate so I could view more than one movie at a bargain price, I would consider it.  A day at the movies, anyone?

6.) I do need to see this movie:

I have an old soul, scratch that, more accurately: I was meant for a different century and any time I get a chance to transcend time through cinema, I’ll take it.

7.)  I may have googled “poetry readings in Grand Rapids” today.  Apparently people only do this stuff in Wisconsin and Minnesota…… cool.

8.)  If states end up successfully seceding from the Union, does that mean travel will be more expensive?  Yes, that is my only concern.

9.)  I’m still waiting for the “homeless” guy to turn up on my street corner.  I have a whole packet of information regarding jobs and assistance programs he’ll find useful, or at the very least, use as fire kindling during this chilly pre-winter-ish weather.

10.)  Someday, I will splurge on a ridiculously priced wine just to compare it with my favorite $8 Barefoot wine.  I’m skeptical that an extra $40 will make a bottle of wine taste better.

11.)  I received a lovely postcard from a dear friend yesterday.  I really wonder what it would be like to live during a time when the only correspondence between people was through snail mail?  It sounds too peaceful to ever comprehend in this day and age….

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