Life’s Solution

When I was around 6 years old, I was given my first Rubix cube.

Within minutes I gave it back to my mother completely solved.

She was simply amazed at my genius, until I confessed that I pulled off the stickers and placed them in their designated patterns.

I cheated.

Or did I?

Think outside the box.

Leaping into the Unknown: Aspiring ESL Teacher

I am excited to formally announce that I am applying to teach English in Korea.

Many of you already know that I’ve started the application process a couple months ago.  It is a pretty lengthy process, but my recruiting agency has been extremely patient and helpful.  For those who are unfamiliar with the process, a recruiting agency is a company that is hired by Korean schools to find English speaking teachers for their schools, it’s nice because the teachers receive completely free access to this service!  
If all goes as planned, I should be working in Korea by summer!  My recruiter explained it may even be sooner depending on the processing of paperwork, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  
To my huge support system spanning all over the country and the globe, I cannot thank you all enough.  You’re all incredible individuals and without you this crazy journey would not be possible; you all have inspired me, moved me, and pushed me toward this dream and I am forever grateful for your support.

And to my cat Sheba: I’ll save you a plane ride and leave you to the care of my sister, please don’t hate me.

…it’s time to cast the sails again!