A Quick Update: Going Live

I’m currently savoring the beginning of summer and my “lasts” of west Michigan!

As an update, I have “gone live” on my recruiters website.  This means that any schools searching for English teachers have access to introductory information about me and can request interviews via Skype.  I already have received a plethora of information regarding my arrival (which is currently set for July 10th at the earliest), possible interview questions, and how to deal with culture shock.
In all honesty, I’m excited for what’s next…several people have asked if I’m scared and I tell those individuals that I strive off of this emotion.  Where some people coil back to a “safe” zone or run from fear, I use it.  Fear is like my fuel, it drives me toward my dreams and pushes me through them.  Yes, I am scared, but it’s not going to hold me back.  If I described my emotional state right now, it would be less fear and more excitement. 
“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what it’s built for” -Author Unknown
I already have a school interested in interviewing me and I’m currently waiting on details, more information to come!

Breathe in inspiration. Trust youself: 
the answer is “yes, you can”.

Hometown Summer Bucket List

I’m still anxiously awaiting the green light for interviews, but my time line for Korea really hasn’t changed – everything is going according to plan.

In other news, I’ve made a “bucket list” for my time left in the US in order to get the most out of my time left here!  This is a growing list and I’ve left room for revisions.

The best part of preparing for a new adventure is you learn to truly appreciate the people, places, and experiences of the moment.

Here’s to Summer 2013 in Michigan, may I always appreciate the treasures of home:

Luck or Coincidence?

I normally hate fortune cookies, but today I made an exception and cracked open this gem:

I decided that this little fortune was a keeper and combined it in a frame with a four leaf clover my mother found before my trip to Europe.  When I opened up the frame that I haven’t touched in over four years, I found a long-forgotten quote I wrote to myself.  In retrospect, I probably thought I’d never open the frame again, yet I left the words of wisdom anyway.  The quote was scribbled in permanent marker on a plain sheet of paper between the frame and the glass – nothing aesthetically pleasing at all if you’re familiar with my hand writing. 
The quote read:  “The harder I work, the more luck I have”.  
This discovery sent shivers up my spine, though I’m not a fond believer of luck, it’s these little coincidences in life that make it truly amazing!

Korea: I’m coming for you!

To those who wish I reconsider teaching in Korea,

I am going to continue to pursue this dream until the US government issues a travel warning.  Until then, I’m going to keep pushing forward.  I appreciate your concern, but I am completely aware of what’s going on in the country and I am aware of the POSSIBILITY of danger.  The reality is, danger is everywhere and we all have to choose our battles. 
To these individuals who wish that I pursue a career here in the US, I ask: am I really any safer here?  Do you really think we live in such a Utopia, that, by not leaving country boarders, I put myself at less risk of danger?    Life is dangerous.  If it’s not, you’re not living close enough to the edge – live a little; experience the adrenaline rush of opening up a map to a new city, gawk at the buildings some only see in text books, ask questions, explore, lose yourself in a new experience!  If living close to the “edge” isn’t for you, I will not think less of you but do NOT tell me how to live my life.
Save your breath, live your own life.