Korea: I’m coming for you!

To those who wish I reconsider teaching in Korea,

I am going to continue to pursue this dream until the US government issues a travel warning.  Until then, I’m going to keep pushing forward.  I appreciate your concern, but I am completely aware of what’s going on in the country and I am aware of the POSSIBILITY of danger.  The reality is, danger is everywhere and we all have to choose our battles. 
To these individuals who wish that I pursue a career here in the US, I ask: am I really any safer here?  Do you really think we live in such a Utopia, that, by not leaving country boarders, I put myself at less risk of danger?    Life is dangerous.  If it’s not, you’re not living close enough to the edge – live a little; experience the adrenaline rush of opening up a map to a new city, gawk at the buildings some only see in text books, ask questions, explore, lose yourself in a new experience!  If living close to the “edge” isn’t for you, I will not think less of you but do NOT tell me how to live my life.
Save your breath, live your own life.

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