Luck or Coincidence?

I normally hate fortune cookies, but today I made an exception and cracked open this gem:

I decided that this little fortune was a keeper and combined it in a frame with a four leaf clover my mother found before my trip to Europe.  When I opened up the frame that I haven’t touched in over four years, I found a long-forgotten quote I wrote to myself.  In retrospect, I probably thought I’d never open the frame again, yet I left the words of wisdom anyway.  The quote was scribbled in permanent marker on a plain sheet of paper between the frame and the glass – nothing aesthetically pleasing at all if you’re familiar with my hand writing. 
The quote read:  “The harder I work, the more luck I have”.  
This discovery sent shivers up my spine, though I’m not a fond believer of luck, it’s these little coincidences in life that make it truly amazing!

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