A Quick Update: Going Live

I’m currently savoring the beginning of summer and my “lasts” of west Michigan!

As an update, I have “gone live” on my recruiters website.  This means that any schools searching for English teachers have access to introductory information about me and can request interviews via Skype.  I already have received a plethora of information regarding my arrival (which is currently set for July 10th at the earliest), possible interview questions, and how to deal with culture shock.
In all honesty, I’m excited for what’s next…several people have asked if I’m scared and I tell those individuals that I strive off of this emotion.  Where some people coil back to a “safe” zone or run from fear, I use it.  Fear is like my fuel, it drives me toward my dreams and pushes me through them.  Yes, I am scared, but it’s not going to hold me back.  If I described my emotional state right now, it would be less fear and more excitement. 
“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what it’s built for” -Author Unknown
I already have a school interested in interviewing me and I’m currently waiting on details, more information to come!

Breathe in inspiration. Trust youself: 
the answer is “yes, you can”.

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