Skype Interview: Gwangju

I would be wearing a skirt, nylons, and my favorite heels to a Skype video interview!  Also, I might add that wearing a turtleneck in 80 degree weather is pure dedication.  I’ve read up on the culture, and I have to confess I went out and bought a whole bunch of turtlenecks in preparation for this job (hey, they’re on clearance right now anyway).  Korea is a much more conservative society than the United States, though it honestly doesn’t take much to be more conservative than the US…

I’ve pretty much done all I can do in preparation for this interview and I want it SO badly.  The past few hours I’ve actually spent time roaming the internet and reading other people’s blogs about this exact situation I’m about to experience in T-minus two hours and this is one of the most exciting parts of the journey!  It’s time to find a school I mesh well with and can call home and people I can call family for an entire year, if not more!

It’s crazy to think that the next blog post I write will be the outcome of this interview!  I think I’m going to go walk my dog to kill the nerves, the anticipation is killing me right now.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!! 😉

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