Post Skype Interview: Gwangju

Let me start by saying, I GOT THE JOB!  I did a little dance around my living room and probably didn’t even fall asleep until 3am because of the pure excitement (and fever) running through my veins!  

The interview itself was pretty informal and honestly I was surprised that the interviewer was from America, I guess I prepared for the worst because I was told most interviewers speak very little English and to be aware of random and sometimes personal questions.  All of this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised as I was only asked a few generic interview questions, such as “Why Korea?” “How adaptable are you?” and “Do you have any teaching experience”.  We then spent the rest of the interview talking about the school, it almost seemed like he was trying to sell the school to me!  I don’t want to release any names or details right now because I haven’t signed the contract, but from what I’ve researched it’s a pretty reputable school and my recruiter has done work with them in the past.  
I do not know when I’m leaving for Korea yet.  After I sign my contract, I have to send all of my documents to the Korean Consulate to be reviewed for a new stamp on the passport and that will take a few weeks, but my earliest possible start date is July 10th.  Either way, this summer I begin my journey!
Right now I feel like this is all a dream because it’s everything I’ve wanted for the past 6 months!  It’s time to pull those suitcases out of storage!  

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