Committing to Collect Experiences, Letting go of Things

Life is so silly and entertaining when you let it happen.  I mean, if you truly let go of things that hold you back  and simply, genuinely, and organically LIVE.  In other words, stop living superficially.  Stop acquiring junk, stop competing with the Jones’ and really focus on obtaining enriching experiences.  I really don’t care if you have 59 pairs of Michael Kors shoes, tell me about the countries you’ve traveled and the people you’ve met then you will have my complete and undivided interest. Things mean nothing, but the experiences and characters within those stories mean absolutely everything.

I had someone ask me how long I plan on staying abroad and in all honesty, I say as long as possible.  To me, success means experiencing as many places and embracing as many cultures as possible, all the while giving back in some way.  My ultimate goal is to pay off my school loans, then join the Peace Corps, I don’t really care to ever own a house in a suburban town or to be a stay at home mom, it’s just not in the cards for me.  
Today begins my mission to completely purge all unnecessary “things” from my life.  I have two suitcases in which I need to pack a year’s worth of necessities into.  This is one of my favorite parts of travel – you really get to decide what really has meaning and value in your life.  The rest of the the “things” that do not fit into the two suitcases will be sold or donated because my family surely does not need my random crap lying around.

In other news, today I went to the secretary of state to make everything final.  For some odd reason, I had to sign a book and record the country I plan on moving to.  According to this list I was only one of three people in the area preparing to leave the country, I honestly really didn’t think anything of it.  …not until I received a facebook inbox from a girl who saw my name on the list and it turns out she was visiting the Secretary of State for the exact same reason, for the exact same country!  She is from the area and is planning on teaching in Korea as well!  This is what you call a small world, these little connections that randomly appear in life.  These signs that sporadically occur help me realize I’m on the right, yet sometimes crazy path and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
A few weeks and counting…

Until then I’ll continue to savor the moments I have left!

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