Pure Michigan Moments: Photos

Photos taken from my lovely day in Pentwater, Michigan
though fog and haze
may blind your gaze,
always sail
Ever Forward
Stairway to heaven? Nah, just Mt. Baldy.
Hiking barefoot, aka one with nature.
taking a break from climbing sand dunes to climb trees.
Tarzan and Jane have nothing on me…
This spot is my favorite spot in the entire state of Michigan.
Bleeding hearts in my grandma’s garden.
If you love a flower, do not pick it – let it grow wild and free.
(I stumbled upon this lone wild violet in my grandparent’s woods.)
Why hello there, pretty!
We used to cross the creek with that metal contraption.
Be like the bird, who
halting in his flight
on a limb too slight
feels it give way beneath him,
yet sings
knowing he hath wings
-Victor Hugo

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