This one’s for you:

I randomly discovered an indie movie the other day that used a quote that really got me thinking:

Though utterly dependent on one another, most found the other’s maps unsettling. They denied one’s perspective by charting the land incomprehensibly, calling into question one’s very being. Still, when they met on the lonely roads, the explorers would present one another with their maps. Some seemed to say so plainly, directly, the world is like *this*. Others were more oblique; skating, impressionistic, unstable. They froze mere slivers of the infinite earth as it skittered by in orbit. If ever these maps could be gathered together, they would comprise an atlas of unsettling vision. A final proof that truth is conjecture. –Here, 2011

I thought this was a pretty awesome quote.

We’re all map makers, charting out every second of our lives – sometimes our paths intersect and sometimes we’re left in a mysterious desert, forced to entertain our lonely minds.  It’s the intersection of personal paths, the clashing or connecting of two human spirits, that really intrigues me.

I’ve had many intersections within the past six years.  Some left me devastated and confused – forced to trek further into the darkness and reluctantly pull the pieces of my heart together, others lit a passionate and infectious fire that continues to blaze within me.

I believe each of these unique intersections affect the charting of the rest of the map, sometimes so small we barely notice any change in direction and sometimes so intense that we find our paths completely turned 180 degrees.  Even the smallest relationship can trigger wild changes, so when holding a door open or smiling at a complete stranger, know you may be playing a larger role than you think.

I just want to thank all of you, each intersecting path on my map has led me to where I am and where I’m about to go.  Whether our paths connect again on this long and crazy journey or it was only a happenstance collision, I am forever grateful.

If you’re reading this you’ve helped shape me, thank you for that.

Ironically wandering the streets of Belgium map-less.

Ironically wandering the streets of Belgium map-less.

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