Let your Seoul Wander

I’m currently sitting in O’hare International airport, surrounded by people speaking so many different languages.  Next stop: Seoul, South Korea. I spent my first 20 minutes circling terminal one trying to find the exit to the international terminal.  Apparently, “LL” does not stand for “lowest level” on an airport elevator, it took me right back to the same floor….what I would give to be the guy who saw me walk in and walk back out of the elevator with a completely confused look on my face. ha.

Already, in pre-flight with Asiana air I’ve got so many good things to say!  They actually let me check my huge Vera duffle (that weighs more than 35 pounds!) so that took some weight of my shoulders 😉  They also uniformly entered the kiosks as one team and greeted all of the customers waiting in line!  It was so professional and well done!

Going through security a second time was a breeze and for some reason I was the only person going through, I guess it was my perpetual earliness.  I ended up chatting with the security officers who were really interested in my “travels” to Korea and when they discovered I’m actually moving there for a year to work, they became even more fascinated.  One of the guys actually asked how the teaching process works and seemed genuinely interested in searching out this journey for himself!  I love airports for this reason – hundreds of complete strangers cross your path, all with stories to tell and journeys to embark on.

My plane just pulled up and it’s got a big flag South Korea on the back wing.  It’s finally hit me, I’m moving to Korea!

This is so crazy.  I’m crazy. You have to be crazy.  …if you really want to follow your dreams!


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