Yoga in Korea

After daring to take on taekwondo in Korea, I was seriously having second thoughts about delving into the yoga world, but yoga was much needed after a major butt kicking and lugging two huge bags through multiple airports.

The yoga room was humid, just like all of South Korea right now.  The mats were provided (major plus since I reluctantly left mine back home in the US) and it was only about $5 for one session!  The instructor sat on a little stage, which I thought was genius because people like me in the back could actually see her poses.

The yoga experience itself was absolutely incredible.  Granted, I couldn’t understand a word the instructor said, she made an effort to come correct my poses and I mainly eyed the Korean girl next to me.  At one point, I completely ended up in my own pose because I did not know what I was doing so the instructor tried to come over and correct me (lift my entire body) and show me what I was doing wrong and we ended up laughing at each other…something was lost in translation, so she demonstrated on the empty mat next to me.  During the meditation portion, I knew I was supposed to be inhaling and exhaling, but I didn’t know what word meant “exhale” and what meant “inhale” and I couldn’t tell by watching the girl next to me so the instructor set her hand on my stomach to show me when to inhale.  It was a really cool moment because I finally understood what she was trying to say.

I also discovered what was considered awful posture when I was young, actually is a yoga pose (sitting with your knees bent and legs facing outwards at both sides, the bottoms of your feet facing inwards).  My mom used to claim I was going to kill my knees.  Either way, the yoga instructor actually said she was really impressed that I could do that sitting pose (or at least that’s what one of my co-teachers translated)!

The session ended with me red in the face and drenched in sweat, yet absolutely refreshed!


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