Living the Dream …Teacher Style

One week of teaching down and three weeks of living in Korea…

and I really couldn’t be happier with my life.  I’d be lying if I said it was all unicorns and cupcakes.  Actually, it’s cats and kimchi. 😉

While walking off the subway today, I realized I am truly living my dream.  I’ve always fantasized about living in a studio apartment, in the middle of the city, with a subway and easy public transportation and here I am, in South Korea working with children and finally putting my degree to use!  I honestly think that I soared beyond my wildest dreams.  Moral of the story, never limit yourself to settling for a comfortable lifestyle, follow those absolutely ridiculous dreams, even when they seem down right impossible, because you never know where you’ll eventually end up!  I never would have pictured myself living the city life in Asia a year ago, and here I am…in awe about how far I’ve come and all I still want to accomplish.

My first week of teaching was a little hectic, but for the majority of the week the kids were extremely helpful and considerate of my “new teacher” status.  I teach and tutor kindergarten through middle school aged children.  I’m already discovering there will be good days and there will be bad days with certain students and not to take the bad days personally.  I’m particularly excited to tutor a girl for a reading and essay writing class.  

What’s crazy is I’m not only teaching students, but I’m learning from them everyday!  Everyday I leave school acquiring knowledge about the Korean culture, how to better run a classroom, or simply what Mcfly song the kindergartners like best.  Everyday is always something new and the children always keep me on my toes.


July birthday celebration at school!

One of the most rewarding things is walking the halls of the school and hearing the children excitedly running to hug you, screaming “Alissa Teacher, Alissa Teacher!”.  Not only are they excited to see you, they’re excited to learn!  Everyday, I’m astonished at how much these small children absorb and how passionate they are about learning more.  It’s weird, but I think the children have opened me up.  I think they’ve already shown me that it’s okay to be silly and enjoy the little things in life.  Most jobs are stressful, and this job has it’s moments, but I’ve never experienced a job that really makes me reflect and appreciate my life more than working with these children.

4 thoughts on “Living the Dream …Teacher Style

    • Thanks, Toni! I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a minor in Religion. My focus was on child psychology and my religion concentration was on Buddhism. 🙂

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