A Standard Saturday

My body is quickly setting into the routine of waking up early and going to bed at a somewhat decent time.  I’m extremely thankful that it wasn’t a huge transition into waking up early because for the longest time I was anything but a morning person.

I woke up Saturday morning around 9ish am.  I spent the morning rearranging my apartment so I could plug my television into cable.  Fortunately, the Discovery Channel is in English and there are occasional movie channels like Fox and a few others.  I’m not much of a tv person and never really have been, but it’s nice just to have it on, it makes my room seem lived in.

Around noon Monica and I headed downtown to explore and get out of our apartments for a while, but it’s always an adventure and we didn’t even make it on the subway without a little excitement.  We made it to the subway station, just in time to hear people unloading from the subway we needed to take to the Cultural Center subway stop, so we ran down several flights of stairs as fast as our feet could take us in hopes that we wouldn’t miss the subway.  If it wasn’t for Monica’s superwoman powers, we would have been separated right then and there!  Let me explain, Monica is awesome at running down flights of stairs, me on the other hand…not so much.   She made it on the subway as it began closing, in my mind I thought I was wasn’t going to make it…I’d have to take the next subway.  Monica wouldn’t have it, as the doors were closing, and almost shut, she pulled them open just enough for a small person to fit through.  I hesitated for a few seconds, then acted.  I made the jump and squeezed my body through a small opening in the doors as Monica held them open.  As all this happened, a subway full of Koreans were on high alert, some were even shouting stuff…probably something along the lines of “Don’t do it” or “Wait for the next subway”.  Either way, I entered the subway to a bunch of wide eyed people and I couldn’t help but giggle.  The look in Monica’s eyes when she held the sliding subway doors open was priceless.  And our adventure began complete with a huge adrenaline rush.


The door that almost sliced me in half

We explored downtown for the majority of the day.  Weaving in and out of shops, alley ways, and people.  I discovered so many great stores, if only I had money!!  We have an H&M and several stores that remind of forever 21, but my favorites were the tiny boutiques the size of a small walk-in closet.  Everywhere you looked, vendors lined the streets with cheap food, knock off souvenirs, even baby bunnies for sale!  We went down one alley way lined with tiny tents, I guess they are all used for palm readers and fortune tellers.  We also decided to visit an arcade because I guess those are pretty popular here and took the infamous Korean version of Glamour Shots, there’s a whole part of the arcade designated just for small photo booths.  The booth we used was called “I Love Princess” and had editing tools to make yourself and background all cutesy.


Korean Glamour Shots


Fake glasses are all the rage here!

We ended the evening at the Alleyway, a restaurant that offers a western style menu.  The cheese pizza we had was absolutely delicious and I will be back for another one soon!  The restaurant itself was packed with foreigners and gave me a vibe of a large coffee shop as it had the option to play board games and simply hang out.  We also discovered one can purchase a HUGE block of REAL cheddar cheese for about 16,000 won or about $16.  Not bad considering my only cheese choices around my apartment are ultra processed pieces of plastic that come in prepackaged slices.

We then wandered over to Speakeasy, a bar owned by two Irishmen.  I’m already becoming a regular here because every Thursday Natalie and head down there for trivia.  I’ve discovered I love English cider and that’s become my drink of choice at Speakeasy and tastes especially refreshing during this crazy hot and humid weather.

We took the subway back to our apartments and managed to make it on the subway without any sliding door chaos.   We meandered over to the coffee shop below our school to grab some coffee and indulge in some carbs.  Instead of a birthday cake, I treated myself to some honey toast and David decorated it so perfectly!


My yummy birthday toast!

We then headed up to Natalie’s apartment to share some Soju and stories.  It really was a great Saturday.  This week we have a shortened school week, so I’m sensing more adventures in my near future!

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