My 37 Hour Birthday

I woke up to the loud thud of thunder and torrential rain.  I’d take waking up this way to a blaring alarm clock any day!  We’re in the middle of monsoon season here, so it is very reminiscent of the rainy days in the Netherlands but I’ll probably never get used to this intense heat and humidity.

I had bought myself a pastry from Paris Baguette yesterday so that I’d have something to look forward to since I do not have any sort of coffee maker yet (it’s on my list of “must-buy” as soon as I get paid).

I was about halfway down the stairs of my apartment building when I realized it was still down pouring outside, so I ran back up the stairs hoping Monica hadn’t left for work yet so we might be able to share an umbrella (another thing that is on my “must-buy” list).  And so we marched to work arm in arm while the rain pelted down on us only to arrive soaked, I think I also need to  invest in a rain jacket.

We had a half day today and my first two tutoring classes flew by.  During my break, some of my co-teachers walked into the teachers’ office carrying a basket of pink roses and daisies and curiously telling me to open up the card attached to the lovely bouquet.  I opened the card to find “Happy Birthday Alissa Middendorf” scribbled but no sign of any signature.  Four hours later, I’m still perplexed…there’s only a handful of people who have my address, but no one has fessed up to it yet.

We also welcomed a new teacher today, she’s also from Michigan – Lansing area.  So that makes three of us now: Monica, myself, and the new teacher – Emily!  She brought all the teachers a slice of Mackinaw Island fudge!  It was probably the nicest and most welcome surprise, literally a small slice of home!

After work, I bought some ramen noodles and treated myself to some orange soda for my birthday dinner.  I then settled into my bed to read Indian in the Cupboard for my tutoring class on Tuesday.  One of the perks of this job is brushing up on all the great childhood novels!

A whole 24 hours later, I still haven’t figured out who sent me the flowers…


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