Addicted to Writing

Each day I tell myself I need to get to bed earlier, but each night I find myself staying up later and later.

I think I’ve become addicted to blogging and writing.  I need to write everything down before I fall asleep.  If I don’t allow myself to write, I lye awake until I give in to spilling out my words/thoughts on either paper or a keyboard.  So here I sit, staring at a computer screen, deciding what to backspace, edit, and publish.

Today in my essay writing class, my student said something that meant the world.  While brainstorming her newest writing topic (“Abby and the Magical Flute”), she looked up and said:

“Teacher, I really like puzzles and this is like a puzzle!”

My heart just melted!  I tried a new way of story-mapping with her and while she outlined her story, she had this epiphany.  It was an awesome moment.

…I backspaced more thoughts than I should have, but it was therapeutic.

Now: to bed!

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