Late Night Shopping

It’s now 1 am here.  I’m currently lounging on my bed, air-con on full blast, just showered, munching on seaweed and sipping on aloe.  I’d say it was a pretty good Friday night.

Class went well today, I’m finally getting the hang of things.  I’m using my lesson plans less and knowing what books belong where, it’s a really nice feeling.  Today, I had one of my students ask why my eyes are “grey” and I asked him “why are your eyes brown?”.  Always ask a question to a question you don’t know how to answer.   

My Korean won is dwindling to only a few paper notes in my pocket, but I totally forgot I had a 50,000 won gift card from some anonymous giver during my birthday!  Someone managed to mysteriously slip it into my book bag at school and I owe him or her a great deal of thanks because that’s what’s getting me through this next week until my paycheck.

After class, Monica, Emily, and I met up at Emily’s flat to share some soju and beer.  Somewhere along the way, I remembered I had my gift card to Lotte Department Store and we figured midnight on a friday was as good a time as any to use it.  My rational behind it: (other than the soju) I have only a few dollars to my name and anytime the sun shines here it’s deathly hot and Lotte is a good 15 to 20 minute walk.  Even at midnight, I ended up walking back drenched in sweat.  


All you can eat Special K


Seaweed flavored Pringles. Yes, I bought them!


Magnetic cart escalators, pure genius!

So what does one buy at Lotte Mart?   Let me break it down for you: Kimchi, seaweed, cold noodles, ramen, bacon, eggs, aloe juice, red bean paste, lemon juice and lettuce….and a soft rug 😉 


Late night shopping at Lotte

The best part?  It all came to 50,300 won (only about 30 cents short of my budget)!  After a few shots a soju and a long day of teaching, I’d say my math skills are pretty legitimate!  

Off to bed!  I get to open a bank account tomorrow and finish creating final exams at school.  

Interesting Fact of the Day: People park their cars ANYWHERE here.  By anywhere, I mean they’ll park behind already parked cars, blocking them in.  I discovered today that everyone has their cell number “fashionably” displayed on their dashboard.  Some people have flashy lights that scroll through their cell number, others have tiny, lacy little pillows with a number embroidered to it (think circa 1992). 

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