A Coffee Purist?

I’ve been forced to accept the ways of instant coffee.  I’ve gone a month without any morning brew and I’ve decided to give in to the mediocre makings of instant coffee bean powder.

Honestly, I’d say it’s not anything to write home about but that’d be contradictory, it really isn’t half bad.  I do long for the morning smell of brewed coffee as I rush around and pull myself together for the day, but microwaved water and coffee powder seem to do the trick.  Paired with coconut sugar and tumblr and my mornings are finally complete.

Coincidentally, my middle-school reading/discussion class finished an article this week called “The World’s Drug” and it was all about the world’s consumption of coffee and how so many people are addicted to caffeine.  Glad to know it’s a global problem and not just me.  Did you know there’s caffeine in chocolate?  That’s probably why I like it so much.

Interesting Fact:  Coffee makers are expensive here, a model that can be purchased at a Walmart store back home for $10-$15 goes for $40 here.  Same goes for fans, a “cheap” plastic mini Mickey Mouse fan goes for $35.  Also, before purchasing a clothing item, the sales clerk will review the sizing of everything, just to make sure you grabbed the correct sizes – now THAT’S service!

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