Making the World a Little More Colorful

I’m sitting in bed bundled up to my nose in blankets, in retrospect…I probably should have spent the day like this, but my day was anything but blankets and bedside lounging….

I started the morning peeved that, once again, my battery operated “high-tech” door lock stopped working.  Turns out, dollar store batteries last about as long as you’d think (not even a month).  I scrambled to get my stuff together, all while my body ached with some sort of cold virus.  I’ve been pretty lucky, most of my co-workers have caught the seasonal cold but I was able to dodge it for a good three months – it was only inevitable.

Emily, Monica, and I made our way to the bus stop after Monica lent me some batteries to repair my stubborn lock.  To our surprise, we made it to the bus stop just as our bus turned the corner.  We hopped on the bus only to find ourselves packed like sardines.  There really is no limit to the amount of people you can cram into a bus here.  We ended up standing, squished and pushed into the middle of the of the bus for a good 30 minute ride.

After making a quick jump off the bus (we were the first at the middle door, so we had to literally JUMP and run to avoid being trampled), we treated ourselves to a BK whopper and met up with our volunteer group.  This Saturday, we volunteered at the local orphanage.  This volunteer group does a lot with this particular orphanage to the point where some of the children recognized Monica from past excursions.  The children were so lively and curious and excited to see what we had in store for them today.



I ended up getting most my paint ME rather than the wall.

We had a huge group show up all to volunteer time and money to paint three huge murals for the orphanage.  It turned out to be a long day, but the time flew!  It truly was a great time and bonding experience, though I lacked the artsy side and most of my painting had to end up being corrected, or washed off my face I still had a blast with some amazing individuals.

This diem has been carpe’d.


The mural I helped paint, I mostly just painted the pink hearts though haha.


Staircase to the orphanage complete with a white dove! ❤


Mural photos credit: Yeoul

6 thoughts on “Making the World a Little More Colorful

      • No, unfortunately I’m not — I’m in Gyeonggi-do. Somehow I missed that you’re in Gwangju when I first read the post. Makes me want to hunt down a volunteer opportunity where I’m at though, thanks for posting!

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