10 Foods I Never Thought I’d Eat

I’m a very picky eater and by picky, I mean I may have been borderline vegetarian the majority of my life.

Coming to Asia has introduced me to a whole new type of cuisine, sometimes not the most appealing but always entertaining.

Below is a list of foods I never would have thought I’d touch until I came to Korea:

  • SPAM: it’s in just about everything here so it’s very hard to avoid it.  Just now, I made some rice pouridge for lunch that was labelled “vegetable” but sure enough, little pieces of the ultra processed meat were floating in my bowl.
  • Fish heads and raw fish: I actually don’t mind it as long as the head isn’t facing me.
  • Radishes: they’re everywhere and are used as a source to clean your pallet, but I honestly just eat them because they taste good.
  • Sweet pickles: I HATED these at home, but somehow Korea makes them taste appetizing.
  • Hairy meat: Not sure if I was supposed to eat the hair, or cut it off…either way, I wasn’t too impressed.
  • Seaweed: cooked, dried, by itself, or paired with a dish…I’ve had it all.
  • Unidentifiable pieces of meat: I try to avoid this, but in soups and other dishes it is kind of hard to avoid and sometimes it’s surprisingly good, but watch out for hidden bones!
  • Kimchi: I’ve developed cravings for this famous side dish.
  • Dried Squid: This has replaced my jerky obsession since jerky is so expensive here.
  • Prepackaged Boiled Eggs: They’re surprisingly delicious and some even come soaked in soy sauce!
  • Boiled eggs make a great on-the-go snack!

    Boiled eggs make a great on-the-go snack!

10 thoughts on “10 Foods I Never Thought I’d Eat

  1. I accidentally got sweet bread n butter pickles when i was home last week….. they are disgusting… idk if i can give them another shot, even in korea! lol

  2. I just wanted you to know that I love following your blog when your in Korea and learning all about their culture. Keep it up because you are impacting and inspiring more people than you know.

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