Gwangju International Food Fest

Never play with your food, unless you’re planning on making a 10 foot cookie sculpture.

I love my neighbor: the Kim Daejung Convention Center.  Whether it’s a lunch break spent outside gawking at the international men in suits or random adventures within the convention center itself, the KDJ center keeps me entertained.

This weekend, a bunch of teachers and I all visited the KDJ for the international food festival.  It was overwhelmingly crowded with people and booths from all parts of the world.  You enter the festival and one of the first booths welcomes you with several different flavors of beer.  Then, one weaves through a maze of baked goods (I was in heaven with the amount of carbs at the festival since they’re hard to come by here in Korea).  My favorite part was the candy sculpture area, I felt like a child lost in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, all that was missing was an endless stream of chocolate and Oompa Loompas.  


Dutch beer in one hand, Korean beer in the other!


I really had to fight the urge to tip an entire tray of these goodies into my purse!


Incredibly detailed cakes!


Oh you know, just a dragon sculpture made entirely out of COOKIES!

I also enjoyed the international booths.  I splurged on some Kenyan Mandazi bread which is basically a sweet bread, taste tested some Turkish ice cream, and almost bought a beautiful Pakistani floral scarf, but instead settled for some Korean bamboo wine.  


Very potent bamboo wine.

In spite of it being an “international” food fest, we still received an overwhelming amount of stares and random “hellos” from people.  I even had an older gentleman ask to shake my hand, saying I looked like a famous person.  It’s always entertaining being in the minority, what’s really funny is whenever I randomly pass a foreigner (someone who looks just like me) in the streets, I now do double-takes as well!  

2 thoughts on “Gwangju International Food Fest

  1. Just spent like an hour on your blog. You have inspired me to look into teaching in other countries, and have been so helpful! Also, this food festival makes me a little less nervous about what the possible food choices will be if I do go! **Remember I am a VERY picky eater!
    ❤ SLAM

    • Colleen, you really have nothing to worry about in terms of food. I’m an extremely picky eater, too. There’s also websites where some of my fellow expats order food from so you can have the comforts of home right here. It’s all about hunting down the right places. Granted, I do pay about $6 for jar of peanut butter though! haha


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