Midterms and Midnight Haircuts

Mid term season is here.  I find myself getting test anxiety for my students.  I’ve never been a good test taker.  During my driving test, I was so nervous, I knew I would forget “right” from “left” so I ended up writing the directions on my hands.  Honestly, I like the anxiety; the nerves push me and it’s all about using the energy in a positive way.

Anyway,  I thought nothing could beat the feeling of receiving an “A” on a paper or exam, but was I ever wrong.

Watching my students whiz through the exams, then confidently turn in their paper to me: THAT is the best feeling in the world.  The numerous times I had to pound into their heads the difference between an adjective and an adverb, a proper and common noun, subjects verses actions, and watch them unquestioningly speed through those sections, that is what makes this all worth it.   Watching the children grow in their studies and use their knowledge later makes my heart swell up with so much joy and reminds me that I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Friday night at 7:45 pm marked the end of proctoring exams and I sped into the teacher’s room to find the other teachers ready to go get haircuts.  I decided to join in since I haven’t had a hair cut in years.  I quickly googled possible new styles and we were off!


A salon full of beautiful Korean men primping themselves for the night.

I was one of the first to dive into the haircut experience (That is, after the salon cleared out of all the K-pop boy banders getting their hair styled for the night).  It was honestly quite painless and went something like this:

I plopped into the seat, showed her the picture of Zooey Deschanel’s bangs, pointed to the layers, she nodded, I nodded and seconds later I had several inches of my hair on the floor.  Somehow, it was lost in translation that I actually wanted bangs.  So when she started styling my hair, I had to take out my phone again to point at the bangs, but she eventually understood.  I really enjoyed getting my haircut here, there was no awkward pressure to make small talk with the person cutting my hair (and I DESPISE small talk).  I just sat there, and she cut.  Every once in while she’d stop and gesture for an approval.  All in all, I was very happy with my hair cut experience.  My advice for anyone who wants to get their hair cut in a foreign country, make sure you have pictures of what you want, it just makes everything easier.


This is my nervous smile.


Finally, the bangs I’ve always wanted!


Very excited for my new “do”


Bangs and berets…my favorite winter combination.

Interesting Facts:

When you get your hair colored here, it’s called a “manicure”.

Salons stay open into the wee hours of the morning.  I had my haircut at midnight and the salon was reasonably busy.

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