Sometimes I think I should constantly carry a notepad with me at school because of all the random stuff the children say.

Yesterday, the kindergarten student that I tutor had an extremely hard time focusing in class.  How did I make him focus?  When he finally had a question for me, I answered his question with a question (Socrates was such a wise man).  We did this for forty minutes straight.  Only stopping for a minute, to put our “thinking” hats on (he has a hood that he disconnects from his jacket…it kind of reminds me of a blue storm trooper helmet the way it bobbles on his head, haha).

Also, months ago I taught the Torch Kindergarten class how to play “Simon Says”, but now every time we enter the gym, I morph into this “Simon” character.  Yesterday, we were doing an obstacle course and the boys needed to keep a ball in the air as long as possible as one of the “stations” and whenever they’d toss the ball to me, they’d say in a almost whispering voice “SIMON, CATCH!” and I don’t think they knew they were doing it because they were getting so into the game?  So, now whenever we’re in gym class, they always want to throw the ball to (in an intense, whispery voice) “Simon” because they know I will (usually) catch it and get them extra points.

Coming to you straight from the breakfast table (aka my kitchen counter),

This is (in a intense, whisper voice) Simon signing off!  Happy hump day, everyone!


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