Play Doh Pandas and Big Butts

Today in activity class, I was getting the supplies together for our play doh activity.

As I walked out of the classroom, I heard Sally yell, “Alissa Teacher!”

“Yes, Sally?”  

“You have a thick butt.”

I just stood in the doorway for a few seconds as it all registered in my head.  What did this six year old little girl just tell me?

As I stood there, she quickly added, “But you have an amazing body!  You are small but you have a thick butt.”

She said this all so seriously and genuinely, I couldn’t help but laugh.  

It’s also worth noting, her word choice was thoroughly thought out as she refuses to use the word “fat” because it has a negative connotation.

These children amaze me with their genuine, yet thorough understanding of the world around them…and at SUCH young ages!  It’s so awesome (in every sense of this word) to watch them grow each day.

I came back with all the supplies for our play doh pandas and showed the girls a picture of what we were about to make.

Sally again piped up, “Teacher, I think this is going to be way too hard for us.”  

That’s when I told her: “It might look hard, but we are going to make pieces and stick those pieces together to make the whole panda.  Just watch, it will be easy.”

A half hour later, all the pieces were in one place and we had Polly the Panda, Cutie the Panda, and Cutie the Panda number 2.  

In retrospect, that activity reminded me a lot of my mom.  She always tells me to take things a bit at a time rather than crossing bridges before I come to them.  Life’s little lessons and priceless moments….I’m thankful for them all.


Sally, me, Olivia, and Daisy all posing with our pandas!

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