Sitting in Traffic

To the person obnoxiously honking

at a car stuck at a green light
I shake my head not at your act of rage
but at the fact you carry a hell with you
That is all.

Life’s Solution

When I was around 6 years old, I was given my first Rubix cube.

Within minutes I gave it back to my mother completely solved.

She was simply amazed at my genius, until I confessed that I pulled off the stickers and placed them in their designated patterns.

I cheated.

Or did I?

Think outside the box.

Enlightening Thoughts of Spaghetti Noodles

If I was a noodle in the box of noodles, I would sneakily slip out of the end of the box and roll into the uncharted territory under the stove, never to be seen again…

…what an adventure that would be.

Think outside of the box.

Ever Forward

When the wind ceases

one must lower the sails,

 pick up the paddles,

and begin rowing.

I am in control of my own destiny.

Not a single person

nor cosmological power

can disparage my journey

or confine my destination.

The depths of my dreams

 will not be chained.

Either by wind,

or by paddle

I will always move

Ever Forward.

My stubbornness has gotten me too far to ever give up.   Thanks to those who taught me how to cast my sail, those who believe my paddles are just as strong as the wind, and those keeping me company on my long and crazy journey.