How to Survive a Long Flight – An Allegorize Magazine Featured Article


Some of my favorite tips for a long flight can be found at Allegorize Magazine!  Check out or follow the link below.!How-to-Survive-a-Long-Flight/c1nni/54e300c30cf2d691d1f7f5cf

Teaching ESL in the USA

…and Alissa Teacher is officially back in action!

I recently flew down to Miami from Detroit to interview for a job teaching ESL …and I landed the job!

I’m currently sitting in a South Beach party hostel scouring over tomorrow’s lesson plans and I honestly couldn’t be more excited!  I never thought I’d get the opportunity to teach English in America, but here I am in Miami – apartment shopping!

The only difference I’m seeing with my past job in Korea verses teaching English in the US is that lessons here are centered around adult students.  I’m having a hard time transitioning my quirky teaching style to fit a more formal and mature approach.

Any adult ESL teachers out there – I am happy to take some pointers!

Lesson One: Travel Dialogue

Lesson One: Travel Dialogue

How to Travel on a Tight Budget!5-Ways-to-Travel-on-a-Tight-Budget/c1nni/54cc664b0cf26e5660843c7d

Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on lately.  In this published article, I talk about some of my favorite budget travel tips.  Take a look and support me!  Thanks fellow bloggers!!5-Ways-to-Travel-on-a-Tight-Budget/c1nni/54cc664b0cf26e5660843c7d